Tesla: Still here and still relevant

Tesla has been rocking the music world since 1986, when their first album was released, but unlike many other rock bands of the 80s, this band is still relevant.

While there was a 10 year gap between their 1994 album, Bust A Nut, and their next album, In the Now, the band’s most recent album, Forever More, and a newly released DVD of live performances prove that Tesla still has their muse.

“We’re so lucky man that we are still received so well, especially being from the 80s: a decade that is looked down on as far as integrity in music,” said guitar player Frank Hannon. “For us, we’ve always had a bit of a country twang to our music; a little bit of grit; a lot more integrity than most of our peers.”

Hannon said the lack of integrity of the music in the 80s can be directly attributed to MTV.

“That whole decade in general was a decade of glam and decadence and video,” he said. “That’s when video first came out. When MTV first came out it was in the 80s and everything turned into superficial image and the music suffered because it became more of a visual age, so people stopped listening and they started watching.”

Hannon said bands began to act more gimmicky in response.

“When people started watching, bands became more outrageous with their antics, weather it was pyro and bleaching their hair or whether it was throwing dead meat off the stage like Wasp or something like that,” he said. “The music suffered. In the 50s, 60s and 70s, music was still being made for the ears and not for the eyes. When I was a kid, I didn’t know what Lynard Skynard looked like but I sure knew what they sounded like.”

With that said, Hannon admits Tesla made videos, but most of them were live.

“We did make some videos but we never were really a video band,” Hannon said. “One of our videos for the song “Love Song” was a video that we had that did really well. Another video that we did was an all live acoustic show in Philadelphia called “Five Man Acoustic Jam” and that was one of our biggest videos, but again, it was all live in concert stuff.”

Tesla headlined Sunday night at Rocklahoma. Any new information on the band can be found at teslatheband.com and information on Frank can be found at frankhannon.com.

~ by nathancarter on June 30, 2010.

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