Wildstreet hit the road


Wildstreet’s name personifies the entire band in sound and appearance—wild.

With singer Eric Jayk’s crazy hair and attire reminiscent of The Warriors street gangs and 80’s glam/sleaze metal, one might pass them by as an 80s gimmick, but they would be missing a hell of a show.

“I look like this because it’s an extension of what’s inside of me,” Jayk said. “I always dress like this. I’m eccentric and proud.”

The band put on an energetic performance, rallying a good size crowd at Rocklahoma this year.

The New York based band pulls their appearance from the rough city scene, which they say is a “very dirty place.” Jayk said the appearance has an effect on the sound of the band and creates differences in the glam rock sub-genre.

“Wildstreet has been signed to Retrospect Records and already has released two albums. The most recent one, Faster, Louder, captures Wildstreet’s vintage sound, which falls along the lines of Pyromania era Def Leppard and AC/DC.

“The new album, Faster, Louder, is exactly that,” Jayk said. “It showcases us and I think our fans are going to go crazy. We had a private screening/ listening party this morning at 1 ‘o clock at the Retro stage and you could see as soon as the music started playing, the people just started to come. It’s a good feeling.”

The band has been together for two years and is already making headway that most bands only wish they could see so early in a career.  Some attention has been drawn to them by their appearances at shows with Bang Tango.

“We basically did about three or four months of touring all across America and with the little bit of break that we had off, we went into the studio and finally got the second EP done,” said Jimmy Marolwe,  guitar. “So, we’re up to number two. We’re up to a lot of tours and we’re constantly hitting a lot of markets and trying to get this word out there.”

The band can be found at myspace.com/wildstreet.

~ by nathancarter on June 28, 2010.

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