While Saving Able lacks focus, the music dosen’t suffer

Saving Abel leave the press tent to attend a meet and greet.

Saving Able just finished their sophomore Miss America album, released June 8, and was already on the road promoting the album.

The album’s first single, “Stupid Girl (Only in Hollywood),” was at 13 on MTV2, before the album had been released. The guys are excited and serious about the music, but they are very laid back. The band has been together for five years, but maybe longer.

“We were probably together in past lives,” joked guitarist Jason Null. “We discuss it from time to time on the bus, but no one will really commit and say that they believe in that kind of thing, but I believe as a whole sitting here together on such a beautiful day, that we can agree; ya, that’s the truth.”

“But on this plain of existence, it’s been five years,” added Blake Dixon, drums.

The band says they create music from everyday life and accumulations of their favorite music, “not to mention alternative drugs.”

“That and playing too much music in your basement, dreaming about doing what we’re doing in real life,” said Scott Bartlett, guitar.

The band is distracted by a friend they haven’t seen in a while and immediately distracted again by a “UFO.”

“That’s a damned UFO right there,” Null said. “Have you ever seen a thing like that flying though the air?”

“If you take four times 87, by, 27…that’s how many chairs are right there,” Dixon said.

A quick question later, they finally get serious and start talking about their new album.

“We just released a record so that’s pretty much our entire existence right now,” said Bartlet.

“Way to rope us back in by the way,” Bartlet said. “That was awesome. It really is. That’s our whole life right now for the next—hopefully—two years like we did with the first record. If the public wants it, we’re gonna’ keep doing it.

“We hope to go five or six singles deep for the next release. So far the first single has been promising. Everybody seems to think we’ve got a lot more singles and a bright future with this sophomore release, so we’ll just roll the dice and see what happens.”

Dixon said one of the biggest differences the band has seen between the first and second album is the amount of time the band is able to put into making the new music.

“Well I would say that we went from working day jobs and recording the first album to playing music everyday and recording the second album,” he said. “So as musicians and as writers, we’ve all become better.

“When you do a job and you do it often, you tend to get better at it, so our second album—I like it better than the first one, even though it’s a good album.”

The band said they found their sound working on the first album, which allowed them to go into the next record better prepared. The band said their album is heavier than their previous one, “but still sounds like Saving Abel.”

“We’ve locked in on our sound,” Dixon said.

Miss America is out now and can be bought through their website at savingabel.com

~ by nathancarter on June 26, 2010.

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